Final workshop on global coastal climate services: report and presentations

The final workshop on global coastal climate services of the INSeaPTION project was held on June 9th, 2020. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this workshop could not be organised in Berlin as initially planned and was organised virtually by GCF and INSeaPTION partners. 

The report of this workshop is now available as well as the presentations.

The first section of the report introduces the workshop concept note. The workshop focused on further developing and refining a typology of global decisions requiring sea-level rise information developed in the INSeaPTION project. This typology is thus presented in the second section of the Report. Structured around this typology of global decisions, the workshop brought together 25 coastal and sea-level rise experts and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors in a range of different country contexts with the aim of sharing experiences and insights on Global Coastal Climate Services. Section 3 thus reports on roundtable discussions in the workshop focused on the typology and future global coastal climate service development. Key new additions to the typology where suggestions to include a developing country national planning perspective, a focus on system relevant actors for global trade and food security, and a focus on financial regulations in the context of increased attention to corporate disclosures of physical risks.

Link to the final report: Bisaro, S., Hinkel, J., Le Cozannet, G., van der Pol, T. (2020) INSeaPTION Global User Workshop: Global Coastal Climate Services, final report, pp15.


Links to the presentations: 

I. What we have

Introduction to the Workshop, Jochen Hinkel, GCF (oral presentation)
The INSeaPTION Project, Gonéri Le Cozannet, BRGM
Types of global SLR decision problems, Sandy Bisaro, GCF
Transboundary impacts of coastal risk and SLR on trade, Magnus Benzie, SEI
Global analysis of uncertainty in SLR and coastal impacts, Jeremy Rohmer, BRGM
The propagation of coastal flood damages through global financial networks under climate change, Jochen Hinkel (presentation not available, work in review)
What we will know about ice-sheets at the end of the PROTECT project, Gael Durand, CNRS

II. What do global users need?

WMO Climate Services, Erica Allis, WMO (presentation not available)
User Context: UNFCCC, Joanna Post, UNFCCC
Long-term critical infrastructure planning: the perspective of EDF, Paul-Antoine Michelangeli, EDF.

III. Next steps

See report

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