Presentations & outcomes

Presentations of the second INSeaPTION User Workshop on climate services in French Polynesia, that was organised from 22 to 23 March in Papeete (Tahiti):

 Resource (in French):

logoPDF INSeaPTION project presentation
logoPDF Sea level projections in Polynesia
logoPDF Shoreline changes
logoPDF Coastal flooding modeling
logoPDF Preliminary results from the stakeholders survey
logoPDF Full synthesis report of the 22-23 March 2018 User Workshop
logoPDF Short synthesis report of the 22-23 March 2018 User Workshop (in english)

Presentations relating to the third INSeaPTION User Workshop, adressing the global case study, that was held in Haarlem, The Nederland, on September 25-26, 2018:

 Resource (in English):


   • SESSION 1: The INSeapTION project

logoPDF sea level rise: state of the knowledge - Roderik Van De Wal [no available PDF]
logoPDF INSeaPTION project introduction - Gonéri Le Cozannet
logoPDF Coastal impacts of sea-level rise: a global perspective - Robert Nicholls
logoPDF Case study: the Maldives - Sandy Bisaro
logoPDF Case study: French Polynesia - Heitea Terorotua


   • SESSION 2: Global decision-making

Introduction to adaptation finance - Sandy Bisaro

logoPDF Public approaches to mobilising private adaptation finance - Lisa Danielson (OECD Climate Adaptation Team)
logoPDF Decision making from an engineering perspective - Filip Schuuman (Haskoning DHV) [no available PDF]
logoPDF Decision making: global sea-level rise information needs - Eberhard Faust (Munich Reinsurance) [no available PDF]


   • SESSION 3: National and local decision-making

Introduction - Roderik Van De Wal

logoPDF Planning for an uncertain future in the Thames estuary - Tim Reeder (former Thames Estuary 2100)
logoPDF Climate services beyond sea-level rise for the Frenchenergy sector - Paul-Antoine Michelangeli (EDF)
logoPDF Decision-making for adaptationof the dutch delta - Marjoliin Haasnoot (Deltares)

Perspectives - Robert Nicholls (University of Southampton)

Lesson learned for INSeaPTION - Gonéry Le Cozannet

INSeaPTION flyers

Project objectives and information, partners, climate services, funds...

Resource (in French) for the French Polynesia case study:

logoPDF INSeaPTION flyer FRENCH 2018
logoPDF INSeaPTION flyer ENGLISH 2018

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