The transdiciplinary co-design and co-development approach adopted in INSeaPTION ensures that the project’s results deliver value to the user communities directly involved in the project. In order to add value and transfer the results to other user communities, INSeaPTION sets up a dedicated WP for disseminating results, stimulating the emergence of coastal climate services and achieving wider societal impacts within the broader framework of coastal climate services. This WP includes the delivery of the following reports and papers.


Deliverables Description Responsible Updated deadline Link

 WP0: Managment

D0.1 Consortium agreement
BRGM Apr. 2018
D0.2 Data and document sharing restricted area Créocéan December 2018 Restricted
D0.3 Scientific, financial progress and final report BRGM 2018 - 2020 Restricted
D0.4 Minutes of meetings and workshops All 2 weeks after each event Restricted

 WP1: Global

D1.1 Specification of global coastal climate service
GCF et al.
Jan. 2019
D1.2 New regionalized global mean sea level projections with non-Gaussian uncertainties and extended to 2300
BRGM et al.
Dec. 2018
D1.3 New database of coastal extreme surges with joint probabilities of surge and waves along the world coastlines
IMEDEA et al.
Mar. 2019
D1.4 New global coastal impacts projections within the DIVA coastal impact models with a global assessment of their incertainties GCF, BRGM et al.

2018 - 2019



  WP2: Maldives

D2.1 Specification of climate services
GCF et al.
May 2018
D2.2 Comparative coastal risk governance in the Maldives and French Polynesia (together with WP3)
GFC et al.
2020 In progress
D2.3 Impacts and adaptation pathways for the Maldives GCF, BRGM et al.
2020 Dataset, recommendations and article in progress

  WP3: Polynesia

D3.1 Specification of climate services
BRGM et al.
Jan. 2018

Comparative assessment - French Polynesia

LIENs et al.
2019 In progress
D3.3 Impacts and adaptation pathways for French polynesia LIENs et al.
2019 In progress

WP4: framework

D4.1 Review paper on current uses of coastal climate services
BRGM et al.
Dec. 2019
D4.2 Strategic framework for coastal climate services
GCF et al.
D4.3 Internet website of the project
D4.4 list of dessimination actions BRGM et al.

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