Second User Workshop in French Polynesia

INSeaPTION starts with analysing and understanding the user needs in terms of coastal climate services using sea level projections. Since early March 2018, a number of meeting have been organised by the INSeaPTION project partners in French Polynesia, namely CREOCEAN, the University of La Rochelle and BRGM. These meetings included:  
  • Individual interviews with stakeholders from 28 February to 31st March, by Heitea Terorotua (PhD student at CREOCEAN in charge of the social science surveys in Polynesia).
  • Official meetings, from 13th to 23rd April, including the Government of French Polynesia, the High Commission of the French Republic, the Assembly of French Polynesia as well as other public and private stakeholders concerned with sea level rise and its impacts in Tahiti and Rangiroa, an atoll island in the Tuamotu archipelago
  • A workshop on coastal climate services organised from 22 to 23rd March at the Art Conservatory in Papeete (Tahiti).

These two days gathered about 50 participants and included presentations, roudtables and discussions with stakeholders. They helped identifying specific needs for coastal climate services and their potential use in decision making in French Polynesia. This includes scientific information to assess regional indicator in relation to the sustainable development goals, dedicated services for critical infrastructures, beaches and low island habitability as well as needs for mutual exchanges of knowlege, professional training and sharing feedbacks on various coastal adaptation practices.

These workshops and consultation have been made possible owing to the dedication of our partners in Polynesia, especially the CREOCEAN and BRGM offices in Tahiti (Esther Mercier, Julien Guillet and Pauline Corbier) as well as volunteers who helped preparing the room and welcoming attendees in the Polynesian way. We thank Esther, Jonathan, Anais, Heremoana, Vai and Arii for their support to this event.

Présentations and exchanges with stakeholders during the 2nd user workshop in Polynesia

Resources (in French):
logo Arcobat pdf  INSeaPTION project presentation    
logo Arcobat pdf Sea level projections in Polynesia    
logo Arcobat pdf Shorerline changes    
logo Arcobat pdf Coastal flooding modeling    
logo Arcobat pdf Preliminary results from the stakeholders survey    

By: Le Cozannet Goneri (BRGM) and Maspataud Aurélie (BRGM)